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#10 4000% in 3 Weeks Trading Bitcoin with SalsaTekila

October 06, 2020 Koroush AK
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Salsatikila (@SalsaTekila) is a full-time bitcoin trader from Canada who also works for a proprietary trading firm. He recently participated in the Bybit trading competition where he managed to finish in 2nd place, with a 4000% return on his buy-in in 3 weeks.

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4000% Return Participating In The Bybit Trading Competition
Honesty & Transparency In Trading
Problems Associated With Live Trading & Scaling Your Positions
Positive Expectancy & Developing a Trader's Mindset
Emotional Management
Typical Day In His Life
Lack Of Sleep & Opportunity Costs In Trading
What's His End Goal With Trading
Why Salsa Doesn't Like Paid Groups
The Trade He's The Least Proud Of